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Jwints Sporting Clays - NSCA Level 1 Certified Instructor

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Jwints SPORTING CLAYS Tournament Schedule NSCA


2010 Schedule:
Dates and events subject to change:
January 16, 17 - Ozark Shooters, MO - 1/2 in A class on teh North side and 2/2 in A class on the south.  Didn't shoot particularly well but then again there were no punches to be had.
January 23 - Gunsmoke Sp. Clays, AR - Significant rain and wind and therefore did not venture down there to shoot.
February 7 - Elm Fork, Dallas, TX -
February 28 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Winter Games - tentative 
March 19-21 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Friends of the NRA -
April 11 - Indian River T & S - Vero Beach, FL -
April 18 - Markham Park, FL -
April 23 - 25 - Quail Creek Plantation - FL - tentative 
May 22, 23 - Ozark Shooters, MO -
June 3-6 - Willows, Tunica, MS - US Open - tentative
June 20 - Elm Fork, Dallas, TX
July 2-4 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Fiocchi Cup -
July 10 - Westside, TX -
July 11 - American Shooting Centers, TX -
July 30 - August 1 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Missouri State Championships -
August 22 - Ozark Shooters, MO -
September 4,5 - Ozark Shooters, MO
September 18 - Forest City Gun Club - Savannah, GA.-
October 15-17 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Ozark Mtn. Classic -
October 23 - Elk Creek, KY - tentative
November 13 - Indian River, FL -
November 14 - Markham Park, FL -
November 27, 28 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Turkey Shoot
December 26 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Year End Blast -

2009 Schedule:
January 24-25 Ozark Shooters MO - Tied for First place in both events and received 2 Punches!  A good start
February 7 Ozark Shooters MO - Missouri Winter Games - shot in very windy weather and took 5/5 in B class.  Shot Sunday when the wind died down and my score would have won by 5 targets. Everyone else shot on Sunday. Bad timing.
Feb 21-22 - Ozark Shooters MO - Not enough shooters for a punch bur scores overall are improving.
Mar 14-15 - Ozark Shooters MO - First shoot after a layoff for a Vacation Crusie, didn't handle hard targets on north course well in cold weather.
Mar 22 - Ozark Shooters MO - Shot much better, highest average of the year ended up 3/8 in B class, missed some easy ones and got fatigued shooting all 200 in one day.
Mar 27 - Claythorne Lodge, KS - Didn't go as there was a winter storm watch.  Saved the vacation day for later in the year and better weather.
April 18 - Birds Landing CA - Shot OK but should have done better.  ended up 9th out of 15 in B class. tarvel schedule has led to little practice time.
April 19 - Camanche Hills CA - Had fun shooting with the youth shooters.  Still not shooting well but I was the only B class shooter so it really didn't matter.
May 2 - Addieville East Farms RI  Shot the prelim and ended up 9th out of 28 shooters.  Not bad, had good stations and some lack of focus.  Teal station ate my lunch.
May 9 - Lower Wetumka AL - Hard targets set for state shoot practice.  Ended up 2/3 in B class and missed a punch by one target.  Lost it on the first station where I dropped three easy quartering away targets.
May 16 - 17 - Ozark Shooters MO - Shot on a windy day and won B class on the north course by 5 targets! and earned my 3rd punch in B class!  On the south course focus and keeping my head on the stock were a problem.
June 6 - Indian River - FL - Close but no cigar. Missed winning B class by two targets.  Ended up 2/8 no real problems targets.  Hit the long battue's well. Won a coffee mug! <LOL> no punches.
June 7 - Port Of the Islands - FL - Won B class but with only two in class no punch.  Missed the HOA punch by three targets. Shot by myself with clueless trappers. Earned lots of mosquito bites and three boxes of RIO shells.
June 13,14 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Shot well. Used up the RIO shells! <LOL>  resulted in 2/5 on South side and 1/3 on the North and earned my 4th punch. Now half way to my goal for the year.
July 2-5 - Ozark Shooters MO - Fiocchi CUP - Although I only shot here one day due to family obligations I was able to earn a punch in the 50 target 12 gauge event.  So I now have 5 punches Three more to go to A class!
July 18 - The Willows - Tunica, MS - Arkansas State Prelim - Drove 4 hours and drank coffee prior to shooting this prelim event on my drive home from Leeds, AL - Ended up about mid pack in my class.
July 24-26 - River Hills MO - MO State Shoot - Shot well enough in the super sporting event to earn a punch.  I now have 6 punches.  Two more to my goal for the year! Had mechanical problems with my gun most of the weekend but still managed to place 6th in class in the Championship Main event shooting loaner guns.
Aug 15-16 - Ozark Shooters, MO - started out slow on the north side and ended up in 3rd place over there but shot a 93 for first place in B class and my 7th punch. I need to consider a warm-up prior to shooting as I got stronger as I went along.  I went straight on the last 4 stations on the south side!  I have now earned a punch in the last three shoots I have entered.
Aug. 29 - The Willows, MS.-Quail Unlimited - I shot poorly as I was focused more on trapping, scoring and instructing the rest of the squad.  I missed the lewis class by shooting one target too many.
Sept. 4-6 - Ozark Shooters, MO Friends of the NRA -  Started out shooting poorly and uncomfortable, didn't shoot well in the prelim or the 50 target 12 gauge event.  After lunch shot the super sporting and shoot much better but dropped 4 easy targets and ended up with a 42, 2 targets off the pace in B class. Ended up B2.  borrowed Peggy's gun and shot the 20 gauge event. It felt a bit wippy for me and I ended up with a 36 out of 50.  Not bad for shooting with a strange gun.  On Sunday got squaded with Rick Mein and shot behind him on the squad and it got me through as I watched and learned from him.  I shot just well enough to win B class and to Punch up to A class!  
Oct 2-5 - Old Forge - VA - VA State Shoot prelim - Shot poorly and brought up the rear in A class.  Starting the end of year slump?
Oct. 9 - Claythorne Lodge, KS - Columbus day prelim. - Decided not to go as there was major flooding all over the area here.
Oct. 15-17 - Ozark Shooters - Ozark Mtn Classic - Again brought up the rear in all of the events.  Just not focused and playing with low gun which was not a good idea to start in a tournament.
Nov. 7 - Washburn Shooting Supplies, MO - First A class punch!  I shot with a really good squad and won A class with an 85, 5 targets better than the second place shooter in A class. Was better focused and calm on a windy gusty day.
Nov. 17 - Gunsmoke, AR - I shot a 91 on a pretty fluffy course.  Not sure yet what the rest of A class shot.
Nov. 18 - Locust Point - Lyndon, KS - I shot a 70 after a long drive and getting lost trying to find the range. It was gusty winds and manual traps.  Their old website has bad directions. I was the only shooter in A Class.
Nov. 28-29 - Ozark Shooters - Turkey Blast - Did not shoot well.  Shot into teh sun on three stations and then could not focus on teh north course.
Dec 12 - Indian River, Vero Beach, FL - Second A Class Punch in the afternoon shoot finishing 1/5. In the morning was just off the pace and finished 5/8.
Dec 13 - Bradford Sportsmens' Club, FL - Third A Class Punch I shot well, had good focus and lead A class by a wide margin.
Nov. 26-27 - Ozark Shooters - End of Year Blast -  Will miss this shoot as I will be in Lexington, KY for Christmas with Family. 

2008 Schedule:
January 27 - Ozark Shooters Fun Shoot - First place C class no punch.
February 23-24 Missouri Winter Games - Ozark Shooters - Bronze medal in Sporting Clays First place in C Class. No Punch
March 7-9 - Level 1 Instructor Course - Ozark Shooters - Completed course and now a Level 1 instructor
March 28-30 QU shoot Millwood Lodge - GA - Won a Browning Gold Evolve in the 5 stand. Shot with Bill Mcguire and Jon Kruger in the Prelim.  Bill was very jovial and supportive, Jon was focused on his game.
April 11-13 QU shoot Rehaauge - CA - Did not place well.
May 9 PG County Friday Night shoot - First place in C class - No punch
May 13 - 14 PG County CSF shoot - First Place Team with Allan Treadwell and Haley Dunn
June 7 - Indian River T & S Vero Beach, FL - Third Place in C Class
June 8 - Port of the Islands Club - FL - First place in C class.No punch.
June 22 - Ozark Shooters, MO - First place in C class two events No punches! (getting frustrated!)
June 27 - Claythorne Lodge, KS - Freedom Cup - Rain and wind and lack of focus left me out of the running.
July 3 - Ozark Shooters, MO - Fiocchi Cup - Took First Place in the 20 Gauge event and earned 4 C Class PUNCHES! and 33 All-American Points. I could not match the focus the rest of the shoot but it's a step in the right direction.
August 7-10 - Ozark Shooters, MO - MO State Championships.  Tied for Second in C Class for both the prelim and the 20 gauge events. Earned two punches and PUNCHED UP TO B CLASS!!! Shot with Abel Spire in the prelim.
Spetember 20-21 - Ozark Shooters Fun shoot - nothing to write home about.
September 26-28 - Ozark Shooters, MO Ozark MT Classic, took B1 in 28 gauge and tied for HOA but otherwise nothing to report and no punches. 
October 9 - Desert Lake, NV - Desert Lake Classic - took B2 in the 20 gauge and B3 in 28 gauge no punches. 
October 25 - Bluegrass Sportsmens Club KY - took B1 in a registered shoot weekend but no punches.
November 1 - Washburn shooting supplies, MO - Monthly shoot - inconsistent shooting lead to a 4th place in B class out of 5 shooters.
November 30 - Ozark Shooters - Monthly fun shoot - shot poorly in teh wind and snow took B2 on the south side and B3 on the north. Not far off the pace though for B class.
January:13 - Meadows National Shooting Center, GA - Last in C class. Hard time focusing, eyes tired.
January 20,21 - Ozark Shooters - skipped due to rain/snow/ice.
February 24,25 - Ozark Shooters - skipped due to bad weather
March 11 - Elm Fork, TX - mid pack in C class getting the feel back - Shot with Gary Greenway the head NSCA instructor.  Nice guy, learned a lot by just watching him.
March 15, 18 - Claythorne Lodge White Flyer Cup - Just shot the prelim and didn't do well.  Two hour drive long workdays prior to it. Excuses excuses.
March 25, 26 - Ozark Shooters  - 4th place in C class both sides starting to get the feel back.

Jan 14,15 - Fun Shoot - Ozark Shooters, MO - 4th place "D " class
Feb 18,19 - Fun Shoot - Ozark Shooters, MO - Cancelled 15 degree high and snow! I figured nobody would be there anyway! I was right the club closed that day.
Mar 18,19 - Fun Shoot - Ozark Shooters, MO - Was home sick!
April - QU Bass Pro Shoot - Forest City Gun Club Savannah, GA - Did really poorly in the tournament registered events.  Took 3rd Place in the 5 Stand!
May 19,20 - QU / WOW / BP Shoot Ozark Shooters, MO - First place in D Class Prelim. FIRST D CLASS PUNCH First place in 28 gauge, second place in 20 gauge and 7th place in the Main event.
May 30th - US Open Claythorne Lodge, KS  - Choked in the 28 gauge. dropped 14 targets over the last three stations and finshed 8 targets out of first middle of the pack in D class.
June 3 Davies County Gun Club - Kentucky - Fourth place in D Class but first in Lewis class scoring won $40.
June 10 Ozarks Shooters - NSCA Fun Shoot - South side third - North side First Second Punch in D Class!
July1-3  - Fiocchi Cup - Ozark Shooters, MO Took third in the prelim 3RD Class D Punch,Placed 1st in the 28 gauge 4TH Class D Punch, placed seventh in the main.  Bad wind that afternoon. placed second in the 20 gauge and 2nd in the 50 bird 12 gauge events.  Placed 1st in teh 4th of July Blast, 5th Class D Punch.
July 9 - Colorado Clays - NSCA Fun shoot declined to shoot - 3- 4 inches of rain that day.
Aug 19,20 - Fun Shoot - Ozark Shooters, MO Sixth in both North and South side events.
Aug 27 Old Forge Virginia - Last place out of 17 shooters that day! couldn't hit the broad side of the barn from teh inside!
Sept 1,3 - Friends of the NRA shoot - Ozark Shooters, MO First in 28 Gauge - First C Class PUNCH! Second in 20 Gauge, Fifth in 12 Gauge 50 target event.  Labor Day Blast - 1st Place in C Class no punch, only 3 shooters
Oct 14,15 - Fun Shoot - Ozark Shooters, MO, First in C Class but not enough shooters for a punch.
Nov 3,5- Ozark MTN. Classic - Ozark Shooters, MO  - Don't even ask!
March - March Fun Shoot  Ozark Shooters, MO - 2nd place "E" class
July - Fiocchi Cup prelim - Ozark Shooters, MO - 5th place "E" class
July - 4th of July Blast  - Ozark Shooters, MO - 3rd Place "E" class
July - NWTF State shoot- Elk Creek, KY -  7th place "E" class
August NSCA fun shoot - Ozark Shooters, MO - tied 1st Place "E" class
September - WOW shoot- Ozark Shooters, MO -1st Place 28 gauge event "E" Class 
September - WOW shoot Ozark Shooters, MO 5th Place Prelim "E" class
September - Labor Day Blast - Ozark Shooters, MO - 3rd Place "E" Class
September - East Texas Blast - Chicken Ranch, TX - Did not shoot - Hurricane Rita!
October - Quail Unlimited - Ozark Shooters, MO - 1st Place 28 gauge event "E" Class  THIRD PUNCH!!!
1st Place 20 gauge event (shooting 28 gauge) "E" Class
6th Place main event "E" Class
October - Quail Creek Classic - Quail Creek Plantation, FL - Did not shoot - Hurricane Wilma
November - Ozark Mtn Classic - Ozark Shooters, MO -  2nd Place 28 gauge event "D" Class  - 4th place 12 Gauge 50 target event "D" Class
November - Turkey Blast - Ozark Shooters, MO - 5th place "D" class