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House framing starts
House under Construction in Ozark, MO
Family Photo Album
Where will you spend eternity?
Jwints18 Bobby Labonte Fan
Diecast Collection
Custom Diecast page
Terry Labonte old photos and postcards
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More Custom Diecast

Wow, they let me back in here to edit this finally.  Anyway It has been a while and will take me a while to get all this cleaned up.  Go Bobby Labonte and Joe Gibbs Racing!!!

Check out the pictures on my home building page to see the latest progress on the house in Ozark, MO.

Check out my Custom Diecast page to see the NASCAR race cars I have made. I sometimes sell some of these on ebay. Helps pay for my diecast collection. 

My collection is featured on another page. 

Check out the family photos page IF YOU DARE! OK so we're not so scary afterall!

Finally I'm a NASCAR Bobby Labonte and Joe Gibbs Racing Fanatic. Check out my Interstate Batteries and Bobby Labonte pictures. 

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Home is where the heart is. This was my house in CT being painted. It was sold over 3 years ago when we moved to Missouri. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!