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NASCAR Book Review


I picked up this little book at the Springfield MO airport to read on the trip home and back. I read it all in that one trip. I was unaware that it was part of a series until I had gotten into it. However there is no need to read the whole seriers to enjoy this book. It is "ON THE THROTTLE" which is #8 in the series by Kent Wright and Don Keith. Now that I have read it I have ordered the rest of the series through where each book goes for $5.39.


I understand the series starts with the entry of Jodell Lee into Stockcar racing using someone's shine car and then jumps forward to the time when Jodell is a Winston Cup owner and the book focuses on his present team, driver, family and all. It covers the WC team well and the issues surrounding driving while hurt. It also has an aspect of Saturday night bull ring racing that I won't get into so I won't give away the story.
One thing that was spooky was the accident that Jodell's driver suffers at the beginning of the book. It is too reminisent of Dale Earnhardt's tragic accident at Daytona. While reading this portion I checked to see that the book was written prior to Dale's death. While not using the current driver's names in the book it is very obvious even to the casual fan who the competitors are that Jodell's driver is racing. The description of the driver in the black chevy with the multiple championships was right on. I found myself glued to the book until I read the whole thing and then went and ordered the rest of the series. I'm looking forward to reading these books on my various plane trips in the future.