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Jwints Sporting Clays - NSCA Level 1 Certified Instructor

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Construction of a non motorized Clays cart

Construction of a clays cart from a jogging stroller
                       PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

5k jogging stroller

 - The first thing is to obtain a 5K jogging stroller.  I got mine for about $80 on sale at Target. Follow the instructions to assemble the stroller but take off the sun canopy. 
 - Then get a couple of ATV gun holders.  Mine were obtained from Bass Pro using my Outdoor Rewards points so they didn't cost me anything.  These are attached to the upright handles of the stroller.  Rugged Gear also sells gun holders that will do the trick.  These are the same that come on the cart that they sell.
 - Next, cut a couple of PVC 3 1/2 inch pipe lengths to about 6 inches and sand one end to round the edges.  Attach these to where the child would normally put their feet while riding in the stroller. You can glue them or attach them by bolting them to the footrest with wood circles cut to fit inside the PVC pipe and glued.  I used a couple of drain plugs obtained at Home Depot which I bolted to the footrest and glued to the inside of the PVC pipe.   I then placed can Koozies inside the pipe to cushion the gun barrels.  I painted the PVC with matte black spray paint to match the color of the footrest.
 - As a purely visual change I sewed a couple of gun patches over the 5K stroller logo embroidered on a panel on the cart.A Browning Logo patch and a Sporting Clays Magazine patch did the trick.  I also put an NSCA stcker on one of the PVC Pipe barrel holders and a Bass Pro sticker on the other.

Will upload photos of the finished clays cart soon.